Karin Brendel

As a coach, I accompany people and companies in times of change.

Clarity, joy, new beginnings

My clear view of the essentials has been built up over many years. Sorting out the chaos, uncovering and explicitly naming vague disturbing feelings, making relevant things visible, offering creative impulses and giving space to new perspectives – all this forms a valuable foundation for my analysis and further approach.
Collecting and sorting so that nothing is lost, and everything can be looked at and used sooner or later or, where necessary, discarded.

This creates the framework for your own ingenious solution, in which you can move safely, joyfully and as freely as possible – less through pure intellect, but more by sensing, intuition and creativeness. There is great potential for joy in this, and you will again marvel at your own joy of discovery and your power to create and act.

With such clarity of thinking and joy of feeling, you take action – towards new beginnings, on a large or small scale – on your personal, ingenious path to a solution.

Analytical creativity

My path to becoming a systemic business and personal coach was not straightforward. Today, I am grateful for the bends in life’s path and the experiences that come with them.

For a long time, my head was in charge – in my mathematics studies, in my specialisation as an actuary (DAV) and in various positions with business and personnel responsibility in international reinsurance groups. In the process, I trained my analytical thinking and gained an eye for the essentials, so that today it is easy for me to structure complex situations and work out essential elements that lead to a deeper understanding and help to sound out solution areas.

The discrepancy between my reality, essentially limited to my intellect, especially in my professional life, and an inkling of the possibilities in a larger context set me on this path. The potential inherent in all of us cannot be tapped into with thinking alone. Feelings, creativity, our senses and our bodies are all part of it. What I have experienced in painting, dancing, singing, meditating, drawing, in body exercises and voice work, I would like to pass on in my coaching.

Today, I use my certainty about the inseparable unity of thinking, feeling and acting to make the creative, emotional and movement impulses of individuals and teams visible and to accompany them in the unfolding of the possibilities they reveal.

My offerings

For people

More clarity about your here and now.
Where does joy grow and what drains your energy?
Taking action for small or big new beginnings.

For companies

There are other ways – to face the constant change in our complex present more agilely with creative and sincere approaches.

Thank you for your trust!

“Karin supported me in a very pleasant and not overbearing way so that I was able to work out solutions and next steps myself.”

“Karin helped me to develop and visualise a clear approach to deciding and acting with less inner pressure and to stay more open to a broader range of possibilities in both my work and personal life.”

Analytics and Digitalisation Manager

“Karin Brendel has a good eye for meaningful connections and contradictions. She asked me very helpful questions at the right time.”

“Thank you very much, Karin, for your time and support. You helped me a lot. Before, I was thinking too many labyrinthine thoughts that I couldn’t sort out without professional help.”

“The coaching with Karin helped me to become clearer about my values and desires.”

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