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Facing constant change outside and within the company more flexibly with creative and sincere approaches.

Expectations of companies from the outside are constantly changing, as are the structures and processes within them.

For many new challenges of our complex (economic) world, the tried-and-tested approaches only work at first glance. The desired adaptability, innovations or even disruptive ideas can only be achieved by activating previously neglected potential.

For successful companies, profitability is usually anchored in rational thinking and action. Obviously, it takes good strategies, problem-solving and efficient processes , to be successful in the long run. Especially where people from the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) come together, the focus is on factual interaction and professional expertise.

Yet truly ingenious cooperation to realise the potential in the company or in the team needs additional impulses outside of the box. That includes inviting the employees to contribute entirely – not just the professional, factual side that most usually show in the working environment.

My offerings for companies

Coaching for managers and professionals

Responsibilities change, roles are redefined, positions are newly created, and teams are reassembled – both for managers with personnel responsibility and for professionals in responsible roles, the adjustment processes in companies are accompanied by new challenges.

In coaching, I support you in better understanding your challenges in the overall context and in designing your personal solution path. It always starts with listening and understanding your current situation – both the fundamental situation in your role and the current situation at the time of our meeting. In order to unlock new possibilities for you, we leave behind the purely rational ideas that have been circling in your head many times and bring fresh impulses from your intuition into your consciousness. In this way, you can create your own ingenious path to a solution in small steps. I accompany you with attention and appreciation for each step taken, so that the changes have a lasting and profound effect through ongoing feedback.

Team building and Team-ART

The usually unwritten team culture or team values can ideally ensure optimal team cohesion and outstanding team results – in reality, however, there are often still “spots on the map” of team cooperation which drain a lot of energy. I support teams in recognising the potential in their cooperation and in setting out to realise their joint potential further.

A team really grows together through shared experience – through a shared story that is continually being extended. Creating something together outside of the daily work routine can be experienced as such a team highlight. This is what Team-ART is based on – a creative workshop in which joint design is combined with team development.

From dreaming to blossoming

Dare to experiment

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We all like to deal calmly and confidently with new challenges in our complex world. To do this, it is helpful to test ideas in a safe setting, to regularly do things for the first time and to practise in small steps – that’s the best way to implement change over the long term.

Appreciating diversity

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You are unique! And so is everyone else. Through our experiences, we build up special talents – and we can use these to our best advantage in communities when we are aware of our strengths (and weaknesses) and appreciate those of others.

Building connections

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Embedded in a network of colleagues and friends, we benefit not only from human interaction – it is precisely through the exchange of different perspectives and disciplines that the best ideas for new solutions emerge, especially when cooperating as equals.

(Re)Discovering joy

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Life can be fun! And we need joyful activities to which we devote time and attention so that they nourish us. Then we can draw on them in stressful times and cope better with those “dry spells”.

Recognise needs

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Only when we clearly recognise our needs can we articulate and prioritise them appropriately. Without this self-care, caring for others and our relationships is destined to get out of balance.

Taking responsibility for decisions

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In a clear and appreciative attitude, we need to be aware of our scope of responsibility and efficacy and stand by our decisions and actions. At the same time, we need to clearly leave the things for which we are not responsible with those who are.

Thank you for your trust!

“Karin supported me in a very pleasant and not overbearing way so that I was able to work out solutions and next steps myself.”

“Karin helped me to develop and visualise a clear approach to deciding and acting with less inner pressure and to stay more open to a broader range of possibilities in both my work and personal life.”

Analytics and Digitalisation Manager

“Karin Brendel has a good eye for meaningful connections and contradictions. She asked me very helpful questions at the right time.”

“Thank you very much, Karin, for your time and support. You helped me a lot. Before, I was thinking too many labyrinthine thoughts that I couldn’t sort out without professional help.”

“The coaching with Karin helped me to become clearer about my values and desires.”

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